Do plants Poop? | #aumsum

Do plants Poop? | #aumsum


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If we mean a solid waste coming out through an end point, then obviously plants don’t poop. However, following situations can be equivalent to pooping in terms of plants.

Firstly, a plant stores waste material in its bark and old leaves, and gets rid of it by peeling of bark and shedding of leaves.

Secondly, some plants even store their waste material in the form of secretions such as latex, gum, resin, etc.

Thirdly, at night, because the stomata are closed, the excess water absorbed by the roots cannot be expelled. Hence, some plants remove this excess water through tiny pores present on the margins of their leaves. This process is called guttation.

Lastly, carnivorous plants like Venus Flytrap catch insects, extract their juices and then open up, allowing the hard, solid bodies, i.e., waste materials to fall off.

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