How Drivers Can Beat Uber at Its Own Game

How Drivers Can Beat Uber at Its Own Game


The New York Times

Uber and other ride-sharing companies are locked in all-out battle with their drivers over what might seem like a fairly straightforward question: Are they employees of the companies or not?

The drivers notched a victory last week when the California Legislature took another step toward codifying a state court decision that expanded the definition of “employee.” Uber and Lyft, to sidestep this possible change, are offering drivers a “workers’ association,” that would represent drivers but would not have collective bargaining power, in exchange for their acknowledgment that they are not “employees,” who would be entitled to a minimum wage and other protections under labor law.

At the federal level, meanwhile, the companies have benefited from  opinions by the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor that their drivers are “independent contractors” without the protections and benefits that employees are due.

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