The magic of the lithium-ion battery revealed

The magic of the lithium-ion battery revealed



Ever wondered what it is that enables lithium-ion batteries – the rechargeable ones that power cellphones, cars and many other devices that make our lives so much easier – to actually work? What sets them apart from disposable batteries that immediately add volume to hard-to-recycle waste dumps, even though they lessen the need for fossil fuels? Well here you go; deceptively simple but hugely innovative and complex in the designing, nobody has yet come up with a better or smaller renewable energy product. This quick and easy read is all about the magical chemistry that happens inside a battery and why electrons travel between terminals, either exhausting themselves or being reinvigorated. Now for the next level; getting human cells to regenerate and not die. OK, ok, perhaps that’s a bit omnipotent, yet science is replete with achievements that most people felt were beyond human capability. – Chris Bateman.

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