Intel reveals final details on Ice Lake mobile CPUs

Intel reveals final details on Ice Lake mobile CPUs


Ars Technica

Intel launched its new 10nm Ice Lake mobility (read: notebook, ultraportable) processors. The launch consists of i3, i5, and i7 notebook parts, with TDP ranging from 9W to 28W, in considerably more separate SKUs than we're used to seeing in one generation.

The first thing to understand about these parts is the difference between the U and Y series parts. U-series are standard mobile processors with TDP between 15-28W, and Y-series are low-voltage 9-12W TDP parts for ultraportable designs. The under 20W TDP niche that Ice Lake's Y-series fills was formerly occupied only by relatively sluggish dual-core parts, so seeing 4C/8T Core i7 parts like the i7-1060G7 with a TDP this low is a welcome change that should spell greatly improved battery life for thin-but-powerful designs such as Dell's XPS 13 or HP's Spectre x360 in the future.

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