Safe Cities Index 2019: Tokyo once again topped the list

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The Safe Cities Index 2019 is a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by NEC Corporation.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks 60 cities across 57 indicators covering digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security.

The index was devised and constructed by Vaibhav Sahgal and Divya Sharma Nag. The report was written by Paul Kiestra and edited by Naka Kondo and Chris Clague.

Japan's, Tokyo Citi again comes first overall, and Asia-Pacific cities make up six of the top ten, but the geographic region does not have a statistical link with results.

Other cities in the top ten are Singapore (2nd), Osaka (3rd), Sydney (5th), Seoul (tied 8th) and Melbourne (10th).

Two European cities are in this group, Amsterdam (4th) and Copenhagen (tied 8th),

Two cities from America, Toronto (6th) and Washington, DC (7th)

High score Cities in the list:

Tokyo - 92
Singapore - 91.5
Osaka - 90.9
Amsterdam - 88.0
Sydney - 87.9

The average of the 60 cities is 71.2 score.

Low score Cities in the list:

Lagos - 38.1
Caracas - 40.1
Yangon - 41.9
Karachi - 43.5
Dhaka - 44.6

list of the 60 cities ranked in SCI2019

In 2015 urban areas in total created 85% of the world’s GDP while generating only 71% to 76% of greenhouse gas emissions. Accordingly, the success or failure of cities will define the quality of human life in the years ahead.

As late as 2005, only Tokyo had more than 20m residents. Today, 9 cities do, and by 2030 that number should have reached 14. Beyond the megacities, the challenge is even more daunting: today’s 30 largest cities are expected to add 45 million residents between 2020 and 2025, but those sized from 1-5 million, because of their greater number, will have aggregate population growth of nearly 100m.

Top Digital Security score Cities:

Tokyo - 94.4
Singapore - 93.1
Chicago - 92.9
Washing, DC - 92.2
Los Angeles - 91.4

The average score of Digital Security is 67.2.

Top Health Security score Cities:

Osaka - 88.5
Tokyo - 87.5
Seol - 85.2
Amsterdam - 81.6
Stockholm - 81.6

The average score of  Health Security is 68.

Top infrastructure Security score Cities:

Singapore - 96.9
Osaka - 94.5
Barcelona - 94.4
Tokyo - 94.3
Madrid - 94.2

The average score of  Health Security is 72.5.

Top Personal Security score Cities:

Singapore - 95.3
Copenhagen - 93.6
Hong Kong - 91.9
Tokyo - 91.7
Wellington - 91.5

The average score of  Personal Security is 77.

Hong Kong, number 9 on the list in 2017, was down to number 20 this year because of the anti-government protests.

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